10 Things You Didn't Know About Jordan Morris

IF YOU'VE EVER had the pleasure of chatting with Jordan Morris, you know firsthand how easy it is to root for him. Although he's got every right to strut his stuff, Morris is one of most humble humans you’ll ever meet. When I say he has every right, I mean it. The kid’s stats are unbelievable. To name a few:

  • Morris scored a goal against Mexico in his first International match with the US Men’s National Team

  • He was named to the 20-player U.S. Under-23 Men's National Team roster which competed in the 2015 Olympic Qualifying Championship

  • Morris has earned six caps with the U.S. Men's National Team

  • He Became the first college player to score for the USA since 1992

Behind these accomplishments, however, is a sweet, fun-loving Stanford student who has so much more to him than what his highlight reel tells us. In a short interview-turned-gymnastics-contest with his girlfriend Caroline, I got the chance to see into the life of the prodigal soccer star and find out what lies behind his overwhelming success and love for life.

Keep working hard because you never know what the future holds
— Jordan Morris


  1. He listens to Taylor Swift before big games. His favorite song? Shake it off.

  2. He plays for his family, his teammates, and his girlfriend, Caroline.

  3. His favorite snack is Flavor-Blasted Goldfish.

  4. He chose soccer over baseball at age 13, and was already being named to theU.S. Youth Soccer National Championships Best by age 17.

  5. Morris was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was 9 years old, and always keeps a pouch of gummy bears on the sidelines in case his blood sugar dips. But diabetes can’t stop him from chasing his dreams and inspiring others.

    “I also play for all diabetics out there and I hope that I can be an inspiration to some of them because I know when I was first diagnosed it was awesome to see someone doing something I loved to do, even with diabetes.”


  6. When he was called to his first national-team camp ahead of a US friendly in the Czech Republic last fall, Morris became the first active college player to play with the full national teAM in 20 years.

  7. He has a tattoo, but not for frivolous reasons. The tattoo serves a necessary purpose, to identify him as a diabetic in case of medical emergencies.

  8. He is not legally old enough to drink, so he couldn’t be awarded the Man of the Match award sponsored by Budweiser after scoring a goal against Mexico in an international friendly.

  9. He wants to be in a movie with Will Ferrell. He said it himself when I asked him how he would cast a movie about himself, and if he would rather the title be Bend it Like Morris or Kicking and Screaming with Jordan Morris.

    “I would want the title to be Kicking and Screaming with Jordan Morris because Will Ferrell is my favorite actor and I would love for him to be in the movie.”

  10. He uses his academic planner religiously. How else do you think he could manage being a fulltime student-athlete and international soccer star?

Check him out his profile on GoStanford Here

And here's a picture of Jordan Morris in Times Square...


By: Ashley Watson