HONESTLY, IT'S hard enough finding a person to take on a date, so when you actually do, you obviously want to take them somewhere, where they’ll be impressed. If you’re into yoga or just casually pretend to be, aerial yoga is probably where you’ll take your honey next. A yoga-aerial silks hybrid, aerial yoga has gained most of its popularity, since it’s a yoga practiced while stretching out on a ceiling-suspended hammock. Perfect for beginners, this yoga will also probably help you bond with your date, since moral support might be needed to get you off the ground. Though some claim that it has existed in one form or another for centuries, its modern incarnation is a relatively recent addition to the wellness scene. Easier on joints and without the vertebrae compression of regular yoga, aerial is also raved about by Gwyneth Paltrow, so you know it's classy enough for you.

When done correctly, aerial yoga is an easy way to essentially give your body a break from gravity, leaving you a couple of centimeters taller. It’s also an opportunity to retry yoga positions if they’ve been hard on your body in the past, since the hammock relieves some of the typical pressure. This same suspension can be hard on those with vertigo or sensitive joints; however, it’s worth being aware of how it will affect you (I mean, you’re paying for it).

 Since it’s very accessible to yoga novices, it really is a cute date idea (we know, we’ve tried it—with varying success that didn’t have anything to do with the yoga). The alternative yoga practice/date is already Insta-famous and is now offered by several Stanford-area yoga studios, with the closest being in downtown Palo Alto a short bike or drive away from campus (Be Yoga Studio at 440 Kipling Street). You can reserve online since the classes are limited to the number of hammocks set up, and then all you’ll need is a mat (rentals are also available), water, and your boo if you’re into that.

Justin, one of our writers, and his girlfriend, Carly at an Aerial Yoga Class

By: Eleni Spanos