WE ALL KNOW how much good the fresh mountain air did you, but chances are, ski trip took its toll. And if it didn’t last weekend, prepare your body for this one. Here are a couple tips to bounce back from the wild weekend we’re all sure you’ve just had (or are about to have).


You probably know this (everyone does), but hydrating your body does a lot to keep you healthy and happy. Drink water. Even when you’re not thirsty- it’s the first marker of mild dehydration. Especially for all of you kids, keep your water:alcohol ratio sane even though it’s easy to forget to drink water when you’re having such a marvelous time.


Since a trip like this can be hard on your body and put pressure on even the strongest of immune systems, be conscious of keeping your stress levels in check so that you have a chance to fight off any bugs you may have picked up. Eating well, or trying to, can also help as we move into midterm season. Yes, midterm season starts week 2 for some of us at Stanford… Take a look at our eating hacks or stress tips if you’re having trouble managing to stay healthy this winter.


The low pressure and dry air of the mountains can wreak havoc on your skin, especially if you hit the slopes. Wind and cold can make your face dry, chapped, and generally unsexy. Use a hydrating lotion to calm your skin down (investing in a good one if you deal with dryness often), or use shea butter, which is non-comodogenic to boot. Layer on your balm of choice and appreciate the warmth of the Peninsula. Could be worse!


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-cream (calming and moisturizing, though pricey for one-time use)

Shea Butter (easy to find and wonderful for dry skin, look for unrefined butter to keep clear of chemicals)

HAPPY SKI-Tripping!

By: Eleni Spanos