SO YOU JUST signed up for a Stanford Psychology experiment that requires you to stay in your pajamas all weekend and watch full seasons of Netflix without shower breaks. At least—that’s what you told your professor. You take your commitment to research seriously and wouldn’t want to skew any results, but you have crippling hunger pains that just won’t go away. Oh, and you’re broke. Fear not, faithful friend of science! There is hope for your woes. Forget dominos—here are the ten best online delivery options that will bring you tasty food so you can keep Breaking Bad without breaking the bank.

You’re Craving...
(10 MEALS UNDER $10)


1) The Best Pho Of Your Life

Where? Pho Vi Hoa

What? Order the #P08—Round Eye Steak & Well-done Brisket Noodle Soup

Why? Fresh and flavorful broth, savory sliced beef, delicate noodles, and plenty of herbs and veggies on the side for variety! Why not?

How Much? $8.75


2) A Hearty Brunch

Where? Douce France

What? Order the Croque Madame or the Brie Cheese & Pear Panini (pro-tip: sub Croissant instead of Baguette)

Why? Nothing says “Good Morning Sunshine!” like toasty melty cheese all over fresh bread with the sweet touch of honey-baked ham or a juicy pear.

How Much? $9.95 for the Croque Madame, $9.50 for the Brie Cheese & Pear Panini


3) An Amazing Mediterranean Meal

Where? Mediterranean Wraps

What? Order the Falafel Wrap

Why? This place has the crispiest, freshest, most flavorful falafels in town, filled with herbs like fennel and parsley. When it’s wrapped in lavash and stuffed next tomatoes, onions, and lemony tahini sauce, it will have you singing, “hello habibi!”

How Much? $8.95


4) Low Calorie Craving Kicks

Where? Lyfe Kitchen

What? Order the Unfried Buffalo Chicken Strips or BBQ Chicken Flatbread

Why? Because these guilty favorites will satisfy you guilt-free—both are less than 500cal and taste just like your fav junk food!

How Much? $7.50 for the Buffalo Strips, $9.50 for the BBQ Chicken Flatbread


5) Any Sushi That Isn’t Cardinal Sushi

Where? Sushi House

What? Chicken Teriyaki Bento (with Soup, Salad, and 2pc California Roll), or the 11 piece Veggie Combo C (with Futomaki & Inari), or the Spider Roll

Why? Sushi House is your absolute bang for your buck. Great quality sushi (fish or veggie) rarely ever comes for this cheap, and you can get a decent sized meal for less than $10 easily. They don’t drown their rolls in sauce to cover the taste of crappy fish, instead they rely on well-seasoned rice and excellent ingredients. The Spider Roll is super filling with soft shell crab and alfalfa sprouts, and you will never regret ordering a classic here like Chicken Teriyaki.

How Much? $9.50 for the Bento Box, $9 for the Combo C, and $8.50 for the Spider Roll




6) Somethin’ Spicy

Where? Spice Kit

What? the Chipotle of Asian Food, aka, Americanized Bibimbap, Banh Mi, and Vermicelli

Order the Five Spice Chicken Korean “Wrap” or Chili Garlic Tofu Vietnamese Bowl

Why? The wrap is kind of like bibimbap stuffed in rice paper and made to resemble a Korean Burrito, which tastes just as good as it sounds. The Vietnamese Bowl is a healthier alternative, with some more veggies and noodles instead of rice. Both are decently yummy and sure to have leftovers.

How Much? $7.95 for the Chicken Wrap, $7.50 for the Tofu Bowl


7) Certified Gluten Free!

Where? Veggie Grill

What? Order the Bombay Bowl (Herb-roasted veggies, super grains, kale, cannellini beans and green curry sauce topped with almonds and hemp seeds) or theQuinoa Power Salad

Why? Both are chock-full of those super healthy ingredients you read about online that are supposed to give you super powers and turn you into Beyonce or whatever. Also everything there is vegetarian/can be made vegan, even their “grilled chickin”, custom-made from soybeans and wheat, actually tastes just like real grilled chicken believe it or not. Oh and it tastes good.

How Much? $9.50 for the bowl, $9.95 for the salad



Where? L&L Barbecue


Why? Because you despise nutrition but worship the soul.

Also you ran out of your own spam stash.

Also you ran out of cup noodle.

Also ~*~Hawaii~*~



9) Not Treehouse

Where? Lulu’s Mexican Grill

What? Order the Tamales Plate or Chimichangas

Comes with either Two homemade Tamales (Chicken or Pork)

OR Two Fried Burritos aka Chimichangas (You choose the meat!)

Why? Deep fried burritos…Steamy meaty corn dough…Pick your poison. Not quite south of the border but you’ll be borderline stuffed.

How much? $8.50


10) Delicious Dessert

Where? Mayfield Bakery

What? Can’t go wrong with either the Bourbon-Caramel Bread Pudding or Six-Layer Chocolate Cake

Why? Because #treatyourself but also realize this may be the reason why you’re single. It’s okay, humans don’t taste this good anyway.

How Much? $9. Worth it.

That’s right. Thank your lucky stars (and your ACT tutor) that you now live in a city where this type of convenience exists, because online delivery is definitely something to be grateful for. May your laziness forever be rewarded with the tastiest meals in town. Bon appetit!

And if none of these suggestions do it for you, well, make a pizza bagel or something...

By: Roxy Reaves