With this editorial we aimed to get at vintage-inspired style as varied as Grace herself: from back-to-school inspired plaids and loafers to classic jerseys and boyshorts

Grace Kasten is the 21st century renaissance woman. Model, professional-grade ballerina, engineer, China aficionado, aspiring investment banker, she's not your average Sophomore.

Though she did spend fashion week walking runways in New York for the likes of Alice & Olivia or V Files, she dabbles in all sorts of artistic and academic experimentation. Being fluent in Chinese, Grace hopes to go to Hong Kong next summer. “America is a melting pot, which is great, but the flipside is that it doesn’t really have a unified culture,” Grace says. “In China, it feels like everyone is on the same page.”

Grace’s style in a few words? “Kate Moss,” Grace laughs. 

Nowadays I’m feeling very 90ies. My goal is to dress like Clueless every day.

Additional images courtesy of Noah Hornik

Writing and photography by: Anne-Sophie Bine
Shoot direction and styling by: Ramin Ahmari