Graphic Tees Are Alive and Well

WE WANTED TO do something a bit different for this shoot. After a long (surprisingly philosophical) discussion about freedom of expression, we decided that typography is the new black in fashion these days. Perhaps street-art inspired, or just part of the whole 90's comeback happening in big cities, New York in particular, words as graphics are once again texturing that classic young and punky aesthetic. Shirts at Stanford talk too, and say things beyond "Cardinal Red" or "Let My People Bro." Check out some shirts we've seen around campus. We're happy to see that the graphic T is still alive and well. 


Darby is from Tennessee. An ambitious freshman, she plans on combining multiple passions - her love for art and design, her fascination with the brain, and a recent interest in computer science - into one discipline. When Darby is not studying, she enjoys yoga, stretching her legs outdoors, and exploring the Bay Area. Newly interested in CS, she has a newfound curiosity for the culture of Silicon Valley.  She is (as they say) as VC savvy as they get. 

It was a pleasure Darby x

Check out what we listened to at our shoot Below