FOR THE PAST COUPLE of years, RD&E has quietly been installing blenders in a couple of dining halls, with some even having juicers and juice bars. They’ve thrown a couple Vitamixes in there, into which you can literally toss anything into Like, whole apples. I mean, maybe halve the apple first, though, to give the blender a break...

Anyway, these blenders make lovely smoothies, maintaining the same fiber and nutrient levels of whole fruit. If you usually shy away from strawberry tops and apple cores, smoothies can obliterate the weird bits, essentially packing in all of the benefits without the need to force down a huge leaf of raw kale.

Take advantage of these machines with a couple of tips: 

OATMEAL: You probably have some of this left over from the first week of school, when you tried to convince yourself that you’d be healthy. When you blend in a couple tablespoons of oats into your smoothie, giving it a quick whirl with your liquid before throwing in everything else, you end up with a nutty smoothie that’s bulked up and a decent meal.

CHIA SEEDS/FLAX: Though not as ubiquitous as oatmeal, adding in some chia or flax seeds can add even more protein than oatmeal and doesn’t change your drink all that much. Watch out for the chia, though, since it’ll turn your smoothie into gel if you leave it for later. 

SMOOTHIES OVER JUICE: One of the reasons that juice is so calorie-dense is the fact that it’s the fiber-less version of whole fruit, with all of the fructose. By choosing to blend your fruits and veg instead of extracting their juices, you maintain their integrity. This is most definitely good for everyone.

On that same note, adding in like four gallons of the Tropical Fruit concentrate can completely destroy the healthiness of a smoothie. It tastes damn good, though, so try splitting it with some sparkling water from those fancy dispensers that look like spaceships.

By: Eleni Spanos

Photos by: Holly Hernandez