I Moustache You To Brunch: PASTIS


This cozy little French Bistro located on California Avenue is a unique brunch spot that you don’t want to miss. The moment you walk in you will feel like in Paris, with the little tables, their matching tablecloths and the vast collection of wines.

But let’s get down to business, the food! Their brunch menu is not particularly extensive, however they have dishes that will make you think about brunch the whole week. Their eggs benedict are a must. They are perfectly runny, and their hollandaise is just right. Not too creamy, not too salty. If you want my advice, ask for the benedict with smocked salmon. It’s the perfect start of the day. If you are feeling more European cravings, I recommend their Croque Monsieur or their Sandwich au Confit du canard. You won’t regret trying them. However, if you are more a sweet tooth type of person, the French toast is the dish you are looking for. Their toast is fluffy and smooth, and the warm Nutella that comes with it makes it the perfect dish.

Pastis is also open on a daily basis for lunch and dinner, with daily specialties. My favorite on the menu: their mussels. They serve them with different sauces and a portion of pommes frites. They are probably the best mussels I have had, even better than those in Paris!  

*Reservation needed for Brunch