Mobile Explore Courses?

BETWEEN THEIR SUMMER stints at LinkedIn, and SideWire, Anton Apostolatos and Lenny Bronner decided to do a little building- and we're not talking the construction variety. These two techies spent a couple of afternoons in their cute new york loft putting together one of our favourite lifehacks- the newest version of the mobile explore courses. According to Apostolatos, "The purpose of the app is simple: Provide a comfortable and fluid course search and browsing experience. With a smart search and ranking system, as well as with customizable filters on search results, the app is aimed to making finding classes easy and painless."

Upon opening the app, you are immediately presented with the ability to search. There's also a nifty dropdown menu that allows you to specify any filters, such as unit count, requirements it fulfills, or the quarters the class is offered in. You're immediately presented with the course results, which you can scroll through. Once you click on the course, it expands and you're able to check out all the details, and have the option of storing the courses. Swiping left allows for you to check out your stored courses, and swiping right takes you back to your landing page. Check out some screenshots of this little piece of genius below: 


You can get the App for free on the app store!


OH.. and in case you're wondering what these two goofballs look like, below is a compilation of their very best selfies!