Foot Fashion: Socks Are The New Neckties.

More and more these days, the men of the Stanford campus are stepping out of the their dorm rooms in socks, and in style. 

SOCKS are having another comeback since their hay-day as spats in the 20's, white knee-highs in the 60's and striped leg-warmers of all shapes and fabrics in the 80's. A bit more subtle in the world of men's fashion these days, socks are peaking out of a good cuffed pant leg or a high-top sneaker all over campus to add that finishing touch. 

MAURICIO "MO" ANTUNANO arrived at our shoot with an elegant hop off his skateboard and a charming smile. Little did we know how fantastic it would be to spend an afternoon with this gentle-hearted Philosophy major, who -- though a noob to modeling, believe it or not -- was more than willing to help out two desperate PULSE members in need. If you've ever wondered, Mo is the one who washes and restores all the Rodin sculptures at the Cantor Arts Center, and I personally believe that this job alone -- something I imagine Thoreau himself might have done had he gone to Stanford -- speaks most of Mo's truly down-to-earth sensibility and modest charm. 

A special thank you to Winston Chen and Armaan Ali for their exceptional taste in socks and shoes, and their generous loan to the PULSE closet. All shirts can be found at Urban Outfitters at the Stanford Shopping Mall. 


"SOCKS-AND-'STOCKS" happened over the summer and it's a good thing the individualistic "searching-for-the fucks-I-give" statement rarely gets old in the fashion world. And thank god, because we all know that that look is far too convenient to give up for Fall. With warm feet that are walking on air (aka the soles of the following black Birkenstocks), The Olsen twins look comfortable, and therefore "cool a.f." Well done. 

Photography By: EMC and Ameeqa Ali