An Interview with Kyle Weikert


Meet Kyle Weikert.

A california native, Kyle grew up in a very active environment, always playing sports, always staying fit, and, since he was four, always in the water. But it wasn’t until later in his high school career that Kyle actually transitioned from being predominantly a baseball player and competitive swimmer to being a water polo player. “It was a combination of (baseball and swimming),” Kyle said. “It allowed me to stay in the water which I love, but at the same’s a team sport like baseball.”

After graduating high school, Kyle took a gap year before coming to The Farm and snagged an opportunity to play water polo in Australia. “I grew up in a small community,” Kyle said, “and going abroad gave me a chance to get a new perspective. Definitely don’t regret that decision.” But now after a great first Cardinal polo season,  and heading into his second, Kyle divulges how he stays fit and fresh in his offseason.

How Kyle stays Fit: 

“I’m a smaller guy for a water polo player, so I have to make up for my size by trying to be as strong as possible.” When he isn’t practicing, Kyle says he still jumps in the water for his workouts. “I really like swimming because… it’s really a full-body exercise. I run too, but sometimes running is really hard on your knees, and it makes me lose weight, whereas swimming helps me put on (muscle) mass.”

(Go-to) Food:

Peanut butter and sliced bananas on a whole wheat english muffin.

The peanut butter is so good for you because of the protein, and it makes you feel full. The potassium in the banana is huge for your muscles functioning properly, so that’s a really good source of energy. The whole wheat has good carbs, that also provide energy. I can eat that and then go to practice and play really well. For dinner, I eat a lot of vegetables. I generally stay away from dark meats and eat a lot of chicken and white meat.

How Kyle Stays Fresh:

When asked if he uses anything in his hair, Kyle answered in one word: “chlorine.” According to the water polo champ, a whole lot of chlorine and very little conditioner is all it takes to achieve his golden dew.

Fun Fact:

“If there were one thing I had to do for the rest of my life, it would be fishing.” grew up fishing with dad and brother. I like the tranquility that comes with fishing, it gives me a chance to be separated from my cell phone and computer and focus on one thing I really enjoy doing without all these other things distracting me.


“I think [water polo] has affected my social life in a very positive way. I think being an athlete has allowed me to meet a lot of other athletes on other sports teams and really interesting and talented people and in that way it’s definitely brought in my social experience. And at the same time, I’ve been very lucky because (there are) nine other water polo players that I’ve become very close with. They’re like brothers to me; it’s like having a built-in family.”

Kyle was kind enough to share some easy exercises he does in his off-season to keep in shape. These are golden, so take note. 

We never have a water polo practice that’s easy. But I try to do some form of exercise every day just to stay active.
— Kyle Wiekert

Photography By: Ameeqa Ali