Humans of Homecoming

PARDON US for getting sentimental, but who could blame us? As old, old friends and now-married couples returned to their stomping grounds, this past Alumni Weekend, to give them another run, we asked them for their stories.. What did we find? Bad dates, tough weeks, old-fashioned flirting, acoustic guitar, and dorm pranks galore. Every Stanford journey is starkly different, but our interviews made one thing clear. However it may feel during week-4 blues, Stanford is truly a special home— birthplace of the kind of bond that keeps you coming back, decades after the fact. The fashions have changed, and the buildings, too (pour one out for our deceased Thai Cafe), but the love hasn’t.

“He was with his current girlfriend at the time and we were doing a board game night [at Toyon]. I remember thinking, he’s so nice to her. One day, I want my own Colin.

I didn’t know that I would end up with Colin.”

- Colin Campbell & Heidi Sigua Class of '11 and '12

“[Joan] called me up and was like, there’s this really cute girl in my dance class named Rose-- you should get to meet her, you both love to dance.

I was like, I’m in my last quarter at Stanford! The last thing I want to do is start dating someone. And 35 years later, well, you know!

I got back at Joan, because living in my dorm was Ben Passereli. He was a founding member of Fleet Street. I got Ben to serenade Joan for Secret Santa. They got to know each other, and they are now married."

- Rose & Warren Loui, Class of '82 and '81

“I’m trying to brainwash my kid into coming here... his mom went to the other school"

- Marcus Alexis, Class of '82

“We met when we were born, because our moms were best friends at Stanford. When we were little kids, we said, someday we’ll be roommates and live together in college.”

- Karen Benett & Gail Justman Class of '72 and '73


“I lived in Encina Hall as a freshman. It was all guys there. Encina Hall was pretty raucous.

We didn’t like the RA. We saved paper for weeks, [and] filled his room up with paper one night, all the way up to the top. When he came home, he pushed all the paper out the window, broke the window, and pushed out some valuables, so we had to pay for that. We got into trouble for doing that.”

“Would you do it again?”


- Art Stauffer, Class of '55 & '61


“I offered to help him move from Sunnyvale. I came in for a little bit to help him pack up the kitchen. I was like, as a repayment, you can take me out on a date.”

Ben & Rashida Ilegbodu, Class of '06 and '07

“We met and fell in love at Stanford In France, our senior year. We got married at MemChu.”

- Harold & Gail Justman, Class of '72

Thank you to all of the alumni who stopped to speak with us and allowed us to publish their stories.

By: Annie Zheng