ME410B: STARTING a company is easy today. But to build a sustainable business, you need an idea that is authentic to you, a clear mission and a solution to a problem addressing a large market.

Advanced Foresight and Innovation is bringing innovators and genius to Stanford. Through the next 10 weeks, we will highlight insights and takeaways from stimulating talks as well as lectures from guest speakers such as Sal Khan, Sam Altman, and Hal Harvey.

Stanford Lecturer Dr. William Cockayne, General Catalyst Managing Director Hemant Taneja and Stanford students have partnered to run ME 410B and provide a framework for identifying great, impactful ideas. Through a combination of lectures, Q&A sessions and case studies, students will get to hear about the journey of renowned innovators: what got them started, what they learned along the way, how they navigated uncertainties and ambiguities, and how they led the way to a successful outcome.

As we write about the class and talk to ME 410 guest lecturers, we hope to answer one question through several lenses: how do we develop an ecosystem that allows students to identify key leverage points in various fields, which will give way to true innovation?

If you are interested in experiencing ME 410 firsthand, make sure to visit ExploreCourses– classes are held on Wednesdays, 3:15-5:05pm weekly in the Peterson Laboratory, Building 550 (home of the d.School). As PULSE readers, please show up at the first class to be considered!

We hope to continue enhancing Stanford’s academic environment. We hope to follow a class every quarter, and so, if there are any other classes you think we should take a look at, shoot us a message at stanfordpulse@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!