COACHELLA KICK-STARTED a wave of festival-inspired fashion: we’re finding ourselves pulling out our favorite concert crop tops, fringed sandals and crochet bralettes and wearing them on the streets.  Why not bring them into class? From Bottlerock to Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza to Lightning in a Bottle, there are festivals a-plenty just around the corner. It’s time to channel those indie vibes — and we’re here to help. 


Music has always been an integral part of Madeleine Bouton’s life — from growing up in Nashville’s vibrant music scene to yearly pilgrimages to Bonnaroo to learning how to play from her father, an all-star steel guitarist. Her style is halfway between bohemian and edgy; she strives to incorporate festival aesthetic into her life with flowing bohemian dresses, vintage accessories, and folk-inspired prints. 

Madeleine is majoring in philosophy and is particularly passionate about existentialism — as you might gather from her seven tattoos, which include words by Albert Camus and Nietzsche. This summer she's bringing together her interest in climate change and her love for South America by working at a sustainable energy non-profit in Nicaragua — which will segue perfectly into her upcoming fall quarter in Santiago.


Quito Tsui is the quintessential city girl: elegant, allergic to bright colors and happiest in monochrome (save for the occasional cheeky pop of deep green or red). Born and raised in London, she spent several years living in Dubai before coming to Stanford. She gravitates toward simple, classic cuts with thoughtful detailing, and certainly doesn’t fall prey to the normcore negligence that seeps into Stanford’s scene. Her interest in fashion takes her further: in her spare time, Quito likes designing costumes, jewelry, or embroidery. 

Quito is currently studying Political Science, specifically focusing on International Relations and Development. She hopes to be involved in post-conflict resolution: transitional justice, peace building, and nation building.


Jada Webster is a pro at thrifting. Her closet is full of neat finds from all across America, contributing to her edgy and eclectic aesthetic. She's got a knack for putting together some of the coolest outfits you'll see around campus, so keep an eye out for her purple ankle booties and Harley sweater. When she's not hopping between classes or reading fashion and culture blogs, you'll catch her at local high schools helping teenagers with college test prep.

Jada is a senior majoring in Symbolic Systems with a concentration in Decision Making and Rationality. She's also very interested in Social Entrepreneurship, and hopes to apply the skills she has gained throughout her time at Stanford while she is working in New York next year.