Pacific Coast Highway Vibes

NOW THAT THE SUN'S starting to come out, and winter isn't looking so bad, we've tried to harness some quintessential Cali vibes — complete with palm trees, festival-ready sunglasses and the open road — and bring in some vintage Parisian chic: the classic carré scarf, turtlenecks, androgynous lines. While it’s not always possible to look like Audrey Hepburn on a campus full of bikes and Birkenstocks, here’s some inspiration for how to incorporate European-inspired elegance into California’s easy, effortless, hipster look.


Chloe Hamilton in five words? 

 “Walking barefoot on the highway,” she says. 

 “Americans will be shocked — infringing the law!” she jokes with a radiant smile.

It’s Chloe’s first year at Stanford, and she’s certainly a far ways away from her home in Paris, both literally and culturally. “I could say it’s a shock,” she says. Fashion is one of the many things Californians do differently. “The way people dress here goes with the atmosphere,” Chloe says. While she likes to react against laid-back sweats, Lululemon leggings and flip-flops with her distinctly Parisian chic — long coats and all black everything — there are many things about Paris she doesn’t miss. Namely, the weather. While Chloe was studying literature in high school, upon coming to Stanford she decided to delve more into math and computer science. In the long run, she wants to find a way to blend her interest in philosophical concepts with something scientific. Outside of school, Chloe writes for The Daily.

Photography by: Ashley Watson
Styling: Anne-Sophie Bine
Assistant: Ramin Ahmari