Spring Has Sprung

SPRING QUARTER IS well underway, and we're all in the mood these days for some lighter loads - lighter course units, and lighter clothes especially. The flowy, floral fabrics of Beltane are now breezing all across campus. Enjoy these looks on Gaby and Daryth, and enjoy that wonderful feeling of your air-pants blowing in the breeze as you walk through the main quad to your 2-unit public speaking course (oh how we love Spring Quarter...). 


These Freshman trackstars were born in London, England, but moved to Merritt Island, Florida shortly after. Never did such a pair make you wish you had a twin - these sisters love each other, and could not be happier to go to the same college, and race for the same team.  Gaby and Daryth attended a pretty small elementary school, and their graduating class was very closely knit, so coming to Stanford was surely an adjustment for the two. They've always shared a room, one best friend, and a hometown that knew them as 'Gaby and Daryth, the twins'. However, here at Stanford, they've been able to grow individually, meet new people and branch out from one another while remaining close. And remain close they must, for the two have an Etsy store together, where they sell some of their sculptures that they've made in their spare time. Finding two identical kaleidoscopes is difficult, but it might be the perfect metaphor for describing the colorful characters of Gaby and Daryth Gayles. 

Photography by: Ameeqa Ali
Styling by: Ana Carolina Mexia & Ramin Ahmari