Top 19 Things to do at Stanford

Dear Class of '19,

This was written with you in mind. Your time at Stanford is going to be one of the craziest, precious, weird, stressful and thrilling times of your life. You'll find out pretty soon that life on The Farm moves quickly and it's easy to get caught up in PSETS and midterms. Hopefully if you're an upperclassman and reading this, you'll know what we're talking about when we say that there's more to life here than just work. Take some time to explore, adventure and get lost. Here's a list of the Top '19 things for you to do at Stanford, collected from upperclassmen and recent grads. Use it as an unofficial guide, a bucketlist or just an insight into the next four incredible years that are to come.

Top 19 Things to do at stanford

  Preview of FMOTQ  Photo Courtesy of The Stanford Daily

Preview of FMOTQ
Photo Courtesy of The Stanford Daily

b) Kiss the Tree

Full Moon on the Quad happens every fall. Traditionally, men would hand out roses to the women, and would request a kiss. Nowadays, it's a little different. We don't want to ruin the surprise for you, but definitely take advantage of the free mouth wash when you enter The Quad. 

2. Go steam tunneling 

The Steam Tunnels are the really cool ducts under our school that can get you from one end to the other.. all underground. Make sure you're well prepared and safe. 

3.  Bike down palm drive

Pick a day to grab a Sushirrito or BARE Bowls, find a friend, and get started on your ride down Palm Drive. We can guarantee you that it'll be absolutely gorgeous and way better than catching an UBER.

4. Stargaze (Rooftop required)

The best way to do this is on a roof. It'll take a bit of effort to climb your way to a suitable vantage point, but we promise, the view is most definitely worth it. We've heard that the views from the main quad are pretty spectacular, so just make sure you start your adventure on a clear and relatively warm evening for the best results. 

5. Ride your bike through your dorm after everyone's asleep 

Self explanatory.

6. Tailgate 

And maybe even stay for the game. You have to come out for The Big Game and rep Stanford. #GoCard

7. Learn a new language

It doesn’t even have to be an obscure dialect that’s found on the most southern tip of the earth. Try starting off with one you’re not fluent in…

8. Go to the Cantor on a sunny afternoon

Explore the Rodin Sculpture Gardens or find a patch of shade and catch up on some (non mandatory) reading. The Cantor is one of our favorite locations on campus (see Winter Editorial 2k14)

9. Visit AD's grill at Wilbur dining

Get a dope chicken sandwich. If you don’t know who AD is now, you will very very soon. Trust us. Also, once you order an omelette from her during brunch don’t leave for more than a few minutes before you pick it up, otherwise it will be gone.  

10. Hike the Dish 

You really should. The hours are typically from about 6:30 am to 5:30 pm, and it should take you less than an hour to finish the trail, which is about 4.0 miles, and for our more international students, that 6.5 km. 

11. Take a class you'd never normally choose

Stanford is one of the best places to explore your intellectual curiosity. Expand your horizons and take a chance on a class. You may even become a CS turned Art History major. 

12. Pop the bubble 

There are some pretty picture perfect views even outside of Stanford, so don't forget that there's a whole other world out there. Take a weekend off and venture into SF, Halfmoon Bay or Big Sur (more to come on how to break out of the bubble later).

13. Make your own smoothie for brunch

...because you can. We recommend a solid blend of mango, blueberries, strawberries and yoghourt. Also, snag some extra and stick it in your freezer for a home made popsicle later in the day.

14. Play a game of pickup beach volleyball

Or at least sit on the grass and watch a game or two. Stanford's got some of the best weather, so make sure that you take advantage of it, and Wilbur field is one of the best places to do that.

15. Bike all the way to Ricker for Death by Chocolate

'Nuff said.


WEST LAG, hands down, has some of the most delicious Latenight on campus. Try the chicken fingers, or the breakfast burrito, which is approximately the size of your face. This food will be there to comfort you through some of the tougher nights (and of course your friends will be there too).

17. Go to EBF Wednesdays and Kairos Wine & Cheese at least once.

The good think about Stanford is that you don't HAVE to be in Greek Life to have a social life. Explore all of your options, whether that be hitting up KAIROS for a chill night or dancing the night away at EBF. These are all experiences that you're not going to want to miss out at Stanford. 

18. Sign up for a D. School Class

The D. School, also known as the Design School, is a really neat space, especially if you like whiteboards, colorful markers and post-it notes.You learn how to think in a completely different way. Who knows, after a class or two, you may even decide to explore Product Design as a major. 

19. Learn about Karel the Robot, sleeping and dreaming, and dancing socially

Try your hand at CS106A, Sleep and Dreams and Social Dance. After taking 106A, you'll figure out which half of Stanford you belong to.. The Techies or the Fuzzies. Sleep. You get extra credit for falling asleep in Sleep and Dreams, and Social Dance.. well it teaches you how to dance socially.


...And that folks, is how you're going to make the best of your Stanford experience.

OH and how could we forget?! 


Who knows, you may even find some of these kids as you hop your way across campus.. Image courtesy of Stanford Magazine.