Winter Looks Pt 1. & Pt. 2

AS THE DAYS start to get a little chillier, and the nights make it almost unbearable to bike home from the Engineering Quad, we thought we'd provide you with a little bit of fashion inspiration. At times, it can be tough to dress for the California winters, but having a little bit of fun with your closet can result in some pretty key styles that we hope you take note of for this season. 

Everyone has black in their closet. It's a versatile color, and matches the winter mood. You can take advantage of what you already have in your closet by pairing your black apparel with different textures, acessories and plenty of layers. Sidenote: if you don't have black in your closet, get some. 

Here's Pt. 1 of our Winter Editorial. Enjoy. 

...and here's pt. 2 of our winter editorial:

ALI GALI- A Sophomore studying HumBio and on the PreMed track is quite the music addict. On set, we caught him nodding along to our beats, and commenting on our music.  He often tunes into Deep or Chill House, but can appreciate the Indie scene as well. On the same note, he spends quite a bit of his free time collecting images and editing them in cohesion with songs he's listening to at the moment, most often dressed to the T. in Urban or obscure European brands. You'll most definitely see this social creature out and about on weekends, enjoying good music, good company, and of course good food. Human connection seems to be of the essence for Ali. This XOX res, and Turkish native, was a pleasure to have on set, and brought the most positive of energies, and of course, some of his favorite pieces.

ANNA TSKHOVREBOV- A cool New Yorker, who also considers Rostov, Russia as home. Anna sauntered on set with an intriguing air about her- part badassery, part elegance. Once we got to know her a little bit more, we could see exactly why this was the case. Anna is an MechE major, living in EBF and interested in automotive and aviation industries as potential career paths. She's involved in the Stanford Solar Car Project, which she sees as an incredible opportunity for undergrads. Not only is she well versed in fluid dynamics and everything else complicated in life, she speaks a handful of languages, many of which she can use in Latin America- one of her favorite places in the world because of their literature and cinema. She spends much of her free time playing Bass Guitar, with Acid Jazz Cabin, a band on campus.


These two were a blast to shoot with. Not only are they good friends, but could also vibe off of each other a great deal. The camera loved their combined energies, and we are so excited with the end result. Thank you to both of them, for bringing some of their favorite pieces in their closets! 

Photography: Ann He
Styling: Ameeqa Ali